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Hedge Funds

As hedge funds have become more institutionalized, they have become a significant part of our practice. We have worked with hedge funds ranging from large multi-strategy funds to single strategy funds and fund-of-funds. Our team has a track record of recruiting investment professionals with a proven ability to generate alpha at both the product (long/short, distressed, converts, quantitative) and industry (technology, industrial, consumer, financials, utilities, telecommunications) levels. We have also helped hedge funds augment their operating and sales staffs.





Portfolio Management and Research
The heart of any hedge fund is its investment acumen. We have successfully recruited professionals in a wide variety of investment styles across all capitalizations. Our work ranges from the senior Portfolio Manager to the mid-level Analyst. This broad experience not only gives us great perspective on the market but also has resulted in a detailed database of investment talent and compensation. 


Marketing and Customer Service
Management & Capital Partners has done extensive work in the area of marketing and client service for firms at all stages of development from small, but rapidly growing managers to more established firms who are focused on maintaining a current asset level with a high level of customer service. Client service has been an emphasis as well with clients who are looking for a deep level of market understanding and expertise to manage a highly sophisticated clientele.


The role of trading at hedge funds is evolving quickly. As the speed, scale and complexity of trading changes, so have the needs of our clients. Our engagements have ranged from the Global Head of Trading to individual sector traders. Our product breadth includes but is not limited to all venues for cash trading, derivatives, risk arbitrage and distressed securities.


Senior Functional Management
Critical to the success of any hedge fund is the quality of the senior support functions. Management & Capital Partners has placed many candidates as Chief Financial Officers, Chief Operating Officers, Heads of Operations, Risk and Compliance Officers and senior-level Attorneys. These searches in particular lend themselves well to our competency-based approach as cultural fit and alignment with corporate goals is paramount to a successful long-term tenure in this critical functions.

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