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Energy & Commodities


It is hard to keep up with the players in the energy markets.  In recent years, new entrants have proliferated while the regulatory environment has driven many others out of the business.  Large players that formerly controlled huge segments of the market have abruptly pulled out altogether, while new entrants are pouring massive amounts of money into building teams.  Hedge funds make out sized profits one year and the next year blow up.  Trading companies do billions of dollars of physical business. Management & Capital Partners works with a number of these institutions, both those who have been leaders in the energy and commodity business for several decades and those who are newer entrants. We also work with unregulated utilities as they expand their trading and marketing operations, as well as private equity firms with requirements for energy professionals in their portfolio companies. Our team has recruited executives in natural gas, power, E&P, renewables and LNG.

















Energy Trading
The volatility of the energy markets today challenges even the most experienced traders. Billion dollar hedge funds have evaporated in days due to a single trader’s misunderstanding of the markets. Management & Capital Partners specializes in finding experienced traders who understand risk, both physical and financial, and who have a track record of consistent success.


Energy Marketing and Origination
Whether the client focuses on long term structured deals or does mainly flow business, there is a tremendous shortage of talented professionals. Management & Capital Partners has recruited the leadership for marketing and origination for a number of clients and has staffed out complete groups with marketers, structurers, originators and risk managers.  As more players enter the field, we see an increased demand for a very limited pool of qualified candidates with an understanding of commodity-linked finance.


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