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Global Equities

The Management & Capital Partners team has completed hundreds of searches in the Equity and Equity-Linked markets on behalf of clients ranging from the largest global firms to the smallest boutiques. Our experience is balanced evenly among research, distribution (sales, marketing and relationship management), trading (risk and execution) and senior functional management. Our focus on the Equities asset class provides us with unusually broad access to leaders and top performers throughout the industry. As a result, our consultants have superior information flow about the marketplace, a true competitive advantage. 




Equity research analysts are expected to deliver a variety of resources to clients (industry knowledge, access to management and primary research) that is timely and actionable. When interviewing established analysts, our consultants have the ability to get beyond topical analysis to uncover true talent. Management & Capital Partners has completed searches in virtually every industry vertical including, energy, consumer, healthcare, technology, financials, industrials and macro. We also have an unmatched record of recruiting professionals with corporate and consulting experience who possess the potential to make the transition to Wall Street.


Leaders and individuals are increasingly expected to be facile across the multiple services of their platform. As the role of sales and distribution expands, understanding our client’s product strengths and their areas for growth is critical to successful search work. We have completed many assignments in research sales, single share sales trading, equity derivatives, programs, algorithms, prime brokerage, special situations, distressed, DMA, electronic trading services and convertible securities.


Trading is a highly dynamic segment of the business where the inter-operability of individual markets and products continues to increase. To be successful, traders need the skill set to be adapt to this environment. Our knowledge of these systemic changes, combined with an extensive network of traders is essential to completing searches. We have successfully executed numerous trading assignments in single share cash, programs (agency and principal risk), volatility, structured products, synthetic equity, ETF’s, algorithms, risk arbitrage/special situations, relative value, capital structure arbitrage, distressed, convertibles and Credit Default Swaps. 


Senior Functional Management
World class companies need a high quality infrastructure and support team. Management & Capital Partners has placed many candidates in Finance, Risk, and Operations at the individual and leadership levels. These searches in particular lend themselves well to our competency-based approach as cultural fit and alignment with the business strategy is paramount to a successful long-term tenure in these critical functions.

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